Waitress jobs Chicago

In Chicago you will find a diverse variety of bars and restaurants all looking for reliable and hardworking bar staff, waitress staff and servers. Whether you want to hang out and work with the young college crowd at a local dive bar or work in an establishment in the cities business district you are sure to find the ideal waitress position in Chicago.

Most places are looking for honest, reliable, and hardworking staff that will be able to deal with the demands of working in a fast paced bar or restaurant. Waitress jobs in Chicago are very competitive as there are a number of highly experienced staff that have many years experience working in the service industry, therefore you may have to look into taking a position as a waitress in an establishment that may not be your first choice until you gain more experience. It is also a good idea to go and actually hang out in bars and restaurants that you would like to work at so that you can get to know the management and how the business operates.



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